• Generate customised IFRS 2 reports and amortisation tables for equity or cash settled awards
  • Generate expensing tables and journal entries
  • Use customisable filters to disaggregate by organisational level or department, role or employee
  • Apply different forfeiture rates to various staff grades
  • Generate and export your custom reports and store prior expensing data
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Generate audit-ready and accurate expense information for share-based payments


ShareForce’s expense accounting encompasses all the complex rules to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 2) including the requirements for cash or equity settled schemes with vesting, non-vesting, market or non-market performance conditions.

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Our customisable filters makes generating the right information, easy


Avoid the onerous internal accounting process of disaggregating gross fair values (as well as net of expected pre-vesting forfeitures) to various levels, departments, roles and employees when used in conjunction with ShareForce Employee Data Manager.

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What happens to their share awards when employees leave due to various circumstances?


Define good or bad leavers and lapses resulting from resignations, retrenchments, retirements, disabilities or death in the ShareForce Employee Data Manager. Automatically calculate the number of awards that need to be accelerated for early vesting, and the effect it has on your expensing.

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