• Setup incentive schemes using straight-forward scheme and performance setup wizards
  • Select and setup predefined performance conditions or customise conditions to suit your business
  • Design market-related or comparator peer conditions or setup internal corporate performance targets
  • Value almost any equity or cash-settled long or medium term incentive plan
  • Manage, store and value active grants, test grants and retain all expired grants
  • Test the cost of potential schemes using different terms and inputs
  • Generate valuation reports detailing the valuation methodology, inputs, terms and assumptions
  • Generate automated grant letters
Complexity Becomes Simple thumbnail image
The tool will guide you through the design and valuation process


It can be challenging to understand equity compensation – even for the best of us. ShareForce assists you step-by-step and handles almost all plan types and complexities and asks pertinent questions to guide you through the design and valuation process including the creation of performance criteria.

Easy Setup thumbnail image
ShareForce helps you set up schemes with easy-to-use setup wizards


Structure incentive schemes to suit your business requirements. Simply select from a range of predefined criteria or create custom performance targets. This includes either share price targets (against peers or predefined levels) or set corporate performance targets (e.g. HEPs, production volumes etc.).

Use Testing and Be Fully Prepared thumbnail image
Unlimited access to testing, without exorbitant cost and wasted time


Create, edit, and test current and potential schemes. You can test a variety of deal terms and market inputs and view the effect on the share scheme cost. Use the ShareForce What-If Generator to test how plausible moves in equities and interest rates may affect the share incentive value.

Flexibility Is Key thumbnail image
Maximise your functionality


ShareForce pre-calculates market inputs based on market expectations and broker consensus forecasts, but also provides the flexibility to adjust these using management’s forecasts of dividends and other discretionary variables.

Save Time, Save Money thumbnail image
Robust modelling has traditionally been very costly and time consuming


By leveraging off our cloud computing technologies and state of the art modelling frameworks, the ShareForce platform will save you time and money which you may have spent on expensive internal skills or external consultants.

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